Impact Acquire SDK GUI Applications

DeviceConfigure is mainly meant to update the firmware of Balluff devices and to configure the log-output of the Impact Acquire driver stack. Apart from that this tool can

  • display a list of all devices connected to the system that have a matching Impact Acquire driver installed
  • register/unregister devices for the usage with DirectShow™ applications (Windows® only)
  • activate/deactivate CPU sleep states of the CPU (Windows only, up to Windows 7)
  • assign unique IDs to mvBlueFOX-1xx/mvBlueFOX-2xx devices
  • reserve system wide DMA memory for mvHYPERION frame grabber devices
GigE Vision™ devices:
  • macOS: The app in "~/ImpactAcquire/bin" does not use the correct environment, so a double-click on the app will not find any GigEVision™ devices. To start DeviceConfigure with the correct environment, start the shell script in "~/ImpactAcquire".
  • Windows®: Given that during the start DeviceConfigure searches the network for GigE Vision™ devices, it could be possible that - depending on the Windows® firewall settings - a Windows security alert appears. Please click on "Unblock" or "Allow Access" depending on the version of Windows you are working with so that the program works properly.
Windows security alert

Various things can also be done without user interaction (e.g. updating the firmware of a device). To find out how to do this please refer to the Command-line Interface section