Impact Acquire SDK GUI Applications

ImpactControlCenter is used to acquire images, configure the device, display and modify device/driver properties, perform various image analysis as well as recording video streams. Depending on the operating system, you will find the application after the installation as follows:

  • Windows
    • as an icon with the name "ImpactControlCenter" on the desktop or within the "Start Menu"
  • Linux
    • in "$(MVIMPACT_ACQUIRE_DIR)/apps/ImpactControlCenter/x86_64" (64 bit system)
    • in "$(MVIMPACT_ACQUIRE_DIR)/apps/ImpactControlCenter/armhf" (ARMhf bit systems).
    • in "$(MVIMPACT_ACQUIRE_DIR)/apps/ImpactControlCenter/arm64" (ARM 64 bit systems).
  • macOS
    • as a shell start script '' in "~/ImpactAcquire" and as an app in "~/ImpactAcquire/bin"
GigE Vision™ devices:
  • Linux: Without being root the system might not allow an application to modify the priorities of the threads it creates. Since certain driver operations will work better with modified thread priorities it is recommended to run ImpactControlCenter with this possibility, which might require the application being executed as the root user. When this shall be done the following paths have to be exported for the root user (this is done automatically for simple user):
    export GENICAM_ROOT=/home/x/tmp 
    export GENICAM_ROOT_V3_4=/home/x/tmp
    export GENICAM_LOG_CONFIG=/home/x/tmp/share/genicam/log/config/ 

    or easier run shell script "" before:
    . /etc/profile.d/ 
  • macOS: The app in "~/ImpactAcquire/bin" does not use the correct environment, so a double-click on the app will not find any GigEVision™ devices. To start ImpactControlCenter with the correct environment, start the shell script in "~/ImpactAcquire".
  • Windows: Given that during the start ImpactControlCenter searches the network for GigE Vision™ devices, it could be possible that - depending on the Windows firewall settings - a Windows security alert appears. Please click on "Unblock" or "Allow Access" depending on the version of Windows you are working with so that the program works properly.
Windows security alert