Balluff - BVS CA-SF Technical Documentation
Appendix C. Tested ARM platforms

Balluff/MATRIX VISION devices can run on ARM-based Linux platforms without limitations regarding available feature sets or API functions. However, each platform may have its own limits in terms of achievable data throughput, RAM or bus speeds. Apart from that, each platform may also come with its own specific set of challenges. Therefore, certain modifications may need to be adapted in order to get your devices run at maximum performance.

This chapter contains test results from different ARM platforms, as well as the specific information on each platform, especially changes that need to be applied to achieve better performance.

The following platforms have been tested by Balluff:

SystemARM-ArchitectureTechnology Test ResultsPerformanceSuitable forMore information


NVIDIA Jetson AGX OrinArm Cortex-A78AE v8.2✓✓✓X✓+++++Demanding
NVIDIA Jetson AGX XavierNVIDIA Carmel ARMv8.2✓✓✓X✓++++Demanding
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NXNVIDIA Carmel ARMv8.2✓✓✓X✓+++Demanding
NVIDIA Jetson NanoARM Cortex-A57✓✓✓X+Mid-Range
NVIDIA Jetson TX2NVIDIA Denver 2 and ARM Cortex-A57✓✓✓X?++Demanding
Raspberry Pi 4ARM Cortex-A72✓✓!XX-Price Sensitive
Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4ARM Cortex-A72???X!-Price Sensitive
i.MX8M MiniARM Cortex-A53✓!!X!+Mid-Range

The system delivers good performance with this device.

The system doesn't work with this device.

The developer kit doesn't work with this device because it provides no PCI Express interface.

The system delivers limited performance with this device.

The system hasn't been tested yet with this device.