Balluff - BVS CA-GT Technical Documentation
About this manual

Goal of the manual

This manual gives you an overview of the BVS CA-GT, Balluff's compact 10 Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera family compliant to GigE Vision™, its technical data and basic operation of the BVS CA-GT. Programming the device is detailed in a separate documentation, which will be available in an online format.

Contents of the manual

At the beginning of the manual, you will get an introduction to the possible usages of the camera. The following chapters contain general information about the camera including:

The general information is followed by the description of the

  • Appendix B. Product Comparison makes it possible to filter all features of the each camera which is available in the family. E.g. it is possible to look if a specific camera supports a specific feature.
  • Appendix C. Tested ARM platforms contains a list of ARM platforms tested with this product and information on how to setup these systems for achieving optimal results