Impact Acquire SDK .NET

This is the documentation for developers who want to work with the .NET interface of Impact Acquire.

Before working with it, you have to decide (or know) which flavor and which version of .NET runtime you are using - and on which platform, of course. On Windows®, it would be most natural to work with the .NET Framework, but if developing (also) for Linux or for Web applications, .NET core or Mono might be more suitable. Sadly, the differences between them make efficient platform-independent programming difficult. To overcome this, the .NET Standard was created, defining functionality that is common to all systems. But still, some building blocks needed for a camera-based and image-centered application are not fully covered by the .NET Standard; neither in version 1.0 nor in version 2.0. mvIMPACT_Acquire.NET was developed against the .NET framework, hence there are some parts referencing functionality that is not covered by the .NET Standard 2.0. For more details, see chapter Building, Linking And Running Applications Using Impact Acquire . The extension package System.Drawing.Common allows you to fill these gaps of .NET Standard (currently only available for Windows®).

Using parts of System.Drawing that might be missing on your target system will lead to an exception, e.g. if using the .NET Standard version of mvIMPACT_Acquire.NET without an installed System.Drawing.Common package. In this case, the following parts of the API depend on the System.Drawing.Common package: